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A Complete Guide to Birthstones

The ultimate birthstone chart guide that unlocks the deeper meaning of each birthstone color, highlighting the personality traits behind each gemstone from the January birthstone all the way through the December birthstone.



New opportunities and endless possibilities await with the January birthstone, Garnet.

The garnet gemstone is a vibrant and meaningful way to start the new year.

Garnet gemstoneImage courtesy of

As the January gemstone, the distinctive garnet color incites images of lush, brilliant, and deep red tones that simply cannot be found in any other birthstone.

This vibrant red birthstone color derives its name from “granatum”, the Latin word for “seed”, as well as the 14th century word “gernet”, which literally translates to “deep red color”.

The January gemstone was often compared to the bright and luscious appearance of the pomegranate seed, a treat that has a deep history of intrigue dating back to Greek mythology and the story of Persephone.  

The rich depth of the garnet birthstone makes it a natural fit for a wide variety of jewelry, from earrings to pendants, rings to bracelets, and everything in between.  

Individuals who are born in January and represented by the garnet gemstone, a life filled with excitement and ambition awaits.

Those who are born under the January gemstone typically show an extensive inner drive, personal motivation, and endless willpower.

The red and fiery color of this precious stone is wholly befitting of individuals born in January, as this birthstone incites a feisty and protective nature in the person wearing it.

Smart, outgoing, and generous, individuals born in January do not wait for opportunity to knock – they hunt opportunity down.

The garnet gemstone represents a person who is not afraid of a challenge, fearless in the face of adversity, and has a wild sense of spontaneity.

In return, the garnet gemstone has protective properties that helps shield the wearer from danger or mishaps.

Garnet, the January birthstone, is the perfect way to start the new year. Passionate, inspired, and fiery – this gemstone celebrates the infinite possibility of the year ahead for those who wear it.

Love is in the air and the February birthstone, Amethyst, is the ultimate way to show you care.
February might be the month of love for everyone else on the birthstone chart, but for those with the Amethyst birthstone, the meaning goes far deeper. The February gemstone has long been seen as a symbol of peace, serenity, and calm.

Amethyst gemstoneImage courtery GemSelect

The deep purple color of amethyst has long been believed to provide a calming presence to those who wear it.

For centuries, the amethyst gemstone has been worn by royal dignitaries and religious figures alike.  

The February birthstone of amethyst is said to encourage peaceful and mindful decision making, making it a regular feature in the jewelry worn by kings, queens, popes, and is even the emblem of the twelve apostles.

In addition to the calming nature of the rich purple amethyst color, this precious stone is also a symbol of purity and positivity.

The February gemstone also has been worn for centuries to ward off the effects of alcohol, with claims that the amethyst birthstone possesses the ability to prevent the wearer from getting drunk.

Amethyst the gemstone was named after Amethyst, the unwitting victim of Bacchus in ancient Roman mythology. According to the myth, Amethyst was attacked by the Roman god of wine and prayed to Diana for protection.

Diana transformed Amethyst into a pure white stone and Bacchus in return poured his glass of wine over the newly petrified girl, changing her color from white to purple.

From then on, amethyst the stone was worn to protect against the influence of the Roman god of wine and save the wearer from inebriation.
Individuals who have amethyst as their February birthstone are seen as having a pure, honest, and soothing personality that brings serenity and peace to all who surround them.
The amethyst birthstone wearer is often the optimist of any group and is considered an excellent confidant and friend.
The outstanding communication skills, thoughtful decision-making capabilities, and a knack for big picture thinking makes those with a birthday in February successful in any career path they choose.
Amethyst, the February birthstone, is a calming and pure energy in an often chaotic world.


The fluid and revitalizing power of Aquamarine, the March birthstone, is ready to set sail.
While other precious stones require a great deal of research to unearth their meaning on the birthstone chart, the significance behind the blue-green aquamarine color gemstone that is the March birthstone is fairly easy to dissect.
Aquamarine gemstoneImage courtesy Starlanka
If the delicate blue and green colors that mimic the ocean doesn’t give it away immediately, the name of the March gemstone makes it perfectly clear: “Aqua” literally translating to “water”, and “marine” which directly translates to “sea”.
Aquamarine has a long history of being worn by sailors and those engaging in oceanic travel, as the March gemstone has been believed to protect the wearer from any harm while at sea.
On the birthstone chart, the aquamarine color represents tranquility, protection, and beauty. As a birthstone, aquamarine has also been said to have healing properties capable of fighting off a variety of ailments.
Centuries ago, mariners would drink a glass of water that had a piece of aquamarine in the bottom in hopes that the precious stone would cure heart, liver, and stomach diseases.
To further the watery connection for individuals with the aquamarine birthstone, the astrological sign for the month of March is Pisces – the fish.

People born in the month of March who are represented by the blue-green brilliance of the aquamarine birthstone are known to promote a sense of tranquility, much like a calm day at sea.

Those with a March birthday are known to have a cool, soothing, and centering presence that can put a room at ease.

Aquamarine represents an incredible gift for clear communication and honesty, which makes the wearer an effective and fair mediator and negotiator, possessing a unique ability to bring enemies together and finding common ground during even the most intense argument.

Aquamarine is also widely recognized as a symbol of health, hope, and vitality.


Diamonds are more than a girl’s best friend – they’re the perfect gift as the April birthstone.

The April birthstone is the envy of almost every other gemstone on the birthstone chart. Bold, bright, and brilliant, the clarity inherent in the natural diamond color can actually vary from location to location, but this precious stone will always remain one of the most sought-after centerpieces for jewelry of all time.

Image courtersy

For thousands of years and countless numbers of civilizations, diamonds have remained the symbol for beauty, toughness, and resilience.

However, the meaning behind the April gemstone goes far beyond engagement rings and sheer durability.

For those born with the diamond representing them on the birthstone chart, life is a never-ending adventure in overcoming obstacles, embracing opportunities, and enjoying the finer things in life.

Those who are born in April are often fearless to a fault – often being accused of leaping before they look.

As one would imagine, the diamond birthstone represents a sparkly personality that shines bright as a beacon of hope for those around them.

The April gemstone can be stubborn and hot-tempered, but often only in response to some form of injustice that has occurred with someone they care deeply about.

On the birthstone chart, the clear and transparent nature of the diamond gemstone represents innocence and a strong moral code.

The April birthstone of diamond is so much deeper than a sparkly rock – it is the very embodiment of fortitude, strength, and morality.


Green leaves, green grass, and green Emeralds – the perfect May birthstone.

EmeraldImage courtesy AGTA

The deep green emerald color of the May birthstone was a personal favorite of the famed Egyptian queen, Cleopatra.  

In ancient times, the emerald gemstone was widely believed to be capable of giving the wearer the ability to see into the future and ward off curses and evil spells.

However, beyond the deserts of Ancient Egypt, the May gemstone represented birth, fertility, and growth.

The deep green of the emerald birthstone conjures imagery of tall trees swaying in the wind, luscious fields of grass, and vibrant rolling valleys for as far as the eye can see.

As a precious stone, emeralds were often worn by couples hoping to conceive, and farmers were also known to place the May birthstone around the livestock and crops to encourage a bountiful harvest.

For those born in May, the emerald birthstone represents a unique knack for cultivating lasting relationships – whether romantic or otherwise.

Individuals who are born in May are loving and compassionate, often creating deep and lasting connections with others almost instantly.

Emerald birthstone wearers are known for repelling evil or ne’re-do-wellers through their unique ability to understand the underlying intention of those around them.

People born in the month of May naturally gifted public speakers and have the memory of a steel trap.

They are naturally flirtatious and incredibly passionate, making those who were born with emerald in their birthstone chart more likely to find their soulmate than any other month.

Emerald, the May birthstone, holds the unique ability to spark passion, ignite imagination, and create connections that last a lifetime.

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Hot summer nights adorned with Moonstone, Pearls and Alexandrite, the classic June birthstones.

June birthstone Moonstone
June is such an incredible month to be born that the birthstone chart couldn’t choose just one.
There are two June gemstones that represent individuals born in and around the summer solstice: Pearl and Alexandrite.
With the astrological sign Gemini accompanying the June birthstone chart, it is only fitting that there are two distinct personalities that embody individuals born during this month.
The pearl birthstone has long been the visual representation of class, sophistication, and nobility.
Greek mythology believed pearls were the tears of mermaids or pieces of the moon – holding a mystical and powerful presence within the unique iridescent pearl color shift.
The Alexandrite birthstone, however, possesses an entirely different set of birthstone chart attributes. Alexandrite’s color has a natural shift to it, resulting in the phrase, “Emerald by day, ruby by night”.
The Alexandrite gemstone is a highly sought-after centerpiece for jewelry due to the intense color changing properties it possesses.
Much like the wildly different visual appearance of the two June birthstones, the personality and attributes of each gemstone is vastly different.
Those born in June who identify with the pearl birthstone are known to be passionate travelers and explorers.
The pearl birthstone is never afraid of a new situation, eager to push their boundaries, and is often spontaneous. This June gemstone is also known for being pure of heart and exceedingly patient with others.
The Alexandrite birthstone, however, is an entirely different personality for those with a June birthday.
Those who are born under the Alexandrite birthstone chart are intuitive problem solvers, quick to identify potential trouble before it arises.
The dual nature of the Alexandrite color is also represented in their ability to seamlessly bridge and create balance between the physical and astral realms.
This June birthstone is said to bring luck and fortune to the wearer.
Regardless which June gemstone resonates with you or your loved one, the power and possibility held within pearl and Alexandrite is the envy of the birthstone chart.


The July birthstone, Ruby, is the perfect fiery companion to the scorching heat the sun.
July birthstone Ruby
Image courtesy OmiPrive
When it comes to gemstones, there is simply nothing that compares to the deep and bold red Ruby color.
Appropriate for the hottest month of the year, the courageous July birthstone has long been known as the gemstone of kings.
Worn by royalty and nobles alike as a sign of power and wealth, the Ruby birthstone has a rich history of inspiring revolutions, empowering change, and endless displays of courage.
The July gemstone is traditionally worn over the left side of the body as a means to protect the wearer from all forms of harm to both themselves and their home.
The daring and bold nature of the ruby birthstone creates a sense of invincibility in the wearer, inspiring thoughts, actions, and behaviors that are often outside the box and risky.
July birthstone Ruby
Diamonds & Daggers Ruby Jewelry
Unsurprisingly, the ostentatious nature of those with a July birthday represented by the Ruby birthstone means they are phenomenal and fearless performers.
The razzle dazzle of the ruby gemstone personality is infectious to be around, often making the July birthstone wearer the ultimate ‘life-of-the-party’.
As a precious stone, ruby wearers are uninterested in conversation – they want action.
The bright and deep red ruby color is known to inspire quick calls to action and those born under the July birthstone are incredible leaders.
While the July gemstone can sometimes cause a little bit of hot-headedness, those who are born under the Ruby birthstone are among the most loyal confidants and partners of all time.

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Embracing the final days of summer with the unique and beautiful August birthstone, Peridot and Spinel.
August birthstoneImage courtersy GIA
The August birthstone Peridot is among the most unique and breathtaking colors in all of nature. Occasionally mistaken for its fellow green cousin emerald, Peridot is a stunning and iconic shade of deep green that almost directly resembles the vibrant foliage found in the dog days of summer.
While it might be occasionally mistaken for emerald, the Peridot color is simply one of a kind.
Peridot, in actuality, is unlike any other natural stone in the world. The Peridot birthstone is mined from two vastly different sources.
While over 95% of the Peridot gemstone is formed deep below the mantle of the Earth where it is violently thrust out of volcanoes to the surface of the crust, a small percentage of this precious stone is harvested from meteorites.
For this reason, ancient Egyptians called Peridot the “gem of the sun”, and believed it had the power to protect the wearer from night terrors and possessed the ability to ward off unhappiness or negativity.
For the person with an August birthday, the Peridot birthstone magnifies and encourages positivity in all aspects of life.
As far as birthstone charts go, the, Peridot gemstone represents an individual who is energetic, enthusiastic, and empowered.
Considered to be one of the kindest individuals on the birthstone chart, the August birthday represents endless amounts of positivity and optimism.
For those who identify under the August birthstone, the opportunity to create magic for everyone around them is limitless, and the extroverted nature of this person often gives them the reputation of being a social butterfly.
The Peridot birthstone wearer is never afraid of being the center of attention and can be incredibly charming.
These individuals have huge hearts, a lot of moxie, and a natural tendency to stand up for the underdog.
Much like the unique nature and birthstone color, the personality found among those who wear Peridot is truly unlike any other.


The clear, brilliant, blue beauty that mimics the clear fall skies embody the September birthstone, Sapphire.
Sapphire September birthstone
Image courtesy OmiPrive
The sapphire birthstone is something special. Considered one of the most beautiful precious stones found in nature, the September birthstone carries an air of sophistication, wisdom, and nobility.
The use of the sapphire gemstone grew in popularity during the Middle Ages, often being worn when seeking the help of an oracle or other spiritual guide.
Buddhists believed that the sapphire birthstone was capable of helping one find true spiritual enlightenment, and European nobles frequently wore the September gemstone as a representation of wisdom.
While the color most often associated with the sapphire is blue, the natural stone can actually come in an entire rainbow of colors.
Sapphire was thought to have natural properties that were capable of enhancing the beauty of the person wearing the gemstone, driving vast amounts of ornate jewelry to be created throughout the years.
The personality traits of those born with sapphire in their birthstone chart are among the humblest of any other month.
Never one to sing their own praises, the individual with a September birthday is often quite reserved and is rarely one to seek recognition for their efforts.
Highly intelligent and possessing a strong sense of situational awareness, the sapphire gemstone personality is calm, thoughtful, and honest.
For those born in September, there is rarely a situation that would make them lose their cool.
Incredible under pressure and in high intensity circumstances, those born under the sapphire birthstone are collaborative teammates and thoughtful leaders.
The September personality does not like to brag or bring attention to themselves, but rather feels most at home when they are able to celebrate and lift-up another individual.
Reserved, quiet, and wise – the individual represented by the sapphire gemstone is truly something special.


The only thing frightening about the October birthstone is how unequivocally stunning opal truly is.

Image courtesy OpalAuction
A virtual kaleidoscope of color, the October birthstone opal has been mesmerizing all who lay eyes on it for generations.
The ultimate shapeshifter, the opal gemstone possesses some of the wildest, most vibrant, and extreme shifts and colors among any material found in the natural world.
Thousands of years ago, the opal birthstone was feared by those who believed it possessed unknown supernatural powers.
While there were those who were wary of this precious stone, opal was revered by many and was frequently used to prophesize or ward off disease and famine.
As the generations passed, the October gemstone grew in popularity, eventually being utilized as a symbol of purity, hope, and honesty.
With its many shifting colors and ever-changing appearance, the opal gemstone also represents the many different facets and phases of life, with the circumstances always evolving and undiscovered beauty waiting with each twist and turn.
Much like the mystical appearance of the October birthstone, those born during this month have a unique and multi-layered personality that is both mysterious and unequivocally beautiful.
Those who are blessed with an October birthday have the rare ability to influence the emotions of anyone they encounter.
With the ability to enhance, ignite, or intensify the emotional temperature of any given individual they encounter, those born in October are also able to serve as a powerful emotional stabilizer.
In other words, those who fall under the opal birthstone chart are able to orchestrate an emotional symphony with every person they meet.
Opal has been worn for years by others to encourage fidelity, honesty, and loyalty – and these personality traits are amplified tenfold when the individual was born in the month of October.
Beyond their command of the emotional well-being of all who encounter them, the opal gemstone also represents widespread hope and positivity.
The typical October birthstone wearer is found volunteering their time taking care of the suffering, as their focus is rarely on their own well-being, but rather focusing on the greater good of the community.
An intuitive and powerful birthstone, the opal of October can be a transformative and enlightening individual to encounter.


In a time of giving thanks, we are grateful for the November birthstone, topaz.
If luck were a birthstone, it would be topaz.
Much like the colors of falling leaves, the November birthstone of topaz is a clear gemstone that is frequently yellow, brown, or orange in color.
While the actual color of the topaz birthstone might resemble a crisp fall day in the woods, this gemstone was used in the Middle Ages to attract an item of an entirely different color: Gold.
For those who were seeking wealth and power, topaz was believed to be a magnet for gold.
Royalty had the topaz gemstone carved into specific shapes in hopes of harnessing the special powers the precious stone was believed to possess.
For others, topaz was used to cure blindness and other ailments of the eyes.
In some cases, the November gemstone was used in spells designed to render the person casting them invisible.
For centuries beyond that, and up to current times, topaz has been used to ward off nightmares by placing the stone underneath one’s pillow.
At the end of the day, however, the November birthstone of topaz is known for one thing above all: Luck. Those with a November birthday are typically incredibly lucky, especially when it comes to finances.
The topaz gemstone wearer never fears the odds, because deep down they know they will overcome whatever challenge they face.
For this reason, the November gemstone represents incredible opportunity and adventure.
For individuals who are born in the month of November, nothing is off limits and everything is on the table. They are the life of the party and incredibly generous with their time, money, and emotions.
Naturally charismatic and charming, those who are born in the month of November are quick to make friends, incredible leaders, and often the glue that holds their social circle together.
In addition to being incredibly generous with their time and money, those under the topaz birthstone chart have a seemingly limitless capacity for forgiveness.
The topaz birthstone represents individuals who are caring, giving, and lucky – things we should all be thankful for.


During the holiday season, the three December birthstones are the gifts that keep on giving.
As the year draws to a close, the birthstone chart saves the widest variety of gemstones for last.
The month of December is flanked by not one, not two, but three different precious stones in a variety of blue tones.
The three December birthstones are blue topaz (an icy and bright clear blue stone), tanzanite (a deeper and more violet blue stone), and turquoise (an opaque bright blue gemstone with dark green lines).
November birthstone TopazBlue Topz - Image courtersy GemSelect
With each stone comes a unique set of characteristics and attributes, but one trait unifies all three: These December gemstones are associated with wisdom.
The three December birthstones have been used for centuries to protect the wearer from false information and protect their ability to give sound advice – which is why those with December birthdays are often touted as being ‘old souls’.
The blue topaz birthstone protects the wearer from outside greed and was believed for centuries to cure ailments such as heart disease.
Tanzanite December birthstone
Tanzanite (image courtesy Gittelson Jewelers)
Those on the birthstone chart associated with blue topaz are often seen as exceedingly friendly, caring, and honest.
Widely considered wise beyond their years, many seek the topaz birthstone personality for advice.
More so than any other gemstone, the blue topaz birthstone wearer is able to get along with any person, under any circumstances, in any location.
For the individual who identifies with tanzanite as their December birthstone, romantic love and connection is as natural as breathing.
Turquoise December birthstone
Able to attract a wide variety of personalities, the tanzanite birthstone is able to make deep and lasting connections with almost anyone.
Unlike others, the tanzanite December birthday personality does not have one specific ‘type’.
Beyond their romantic pursuits, the tanzanite gemstone wearer is also a lifelong seeker of knowledge. Often found with a book in their hand, this individual has a deep thirst for learning.
Last, but certainly not least, is the turquoise December birthstone personality. Wildly popular among the Aztecs and ancient Egyptians, this rustic and beautiful natural stone is the epitome of perseverance and determination.
The turquoise birthstone represents endless wisdom and patience, as well as an unshakable moral code.
The individual who identifies with turquoise as their December birthstone is surefooted, confident, and generous with sharing their personal wisdom.
The three blue birthstones of December represent a wide variety of personality traits, but at the end of the day, all involve being self-less and wise.
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