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The Rise of Ear Design: Personalizing Your Style with Piercings and Jewelry

Just like their artful companion, the tattoo, piercings were rarely associated with elegance and class in the eyes of Western society- until now. Cue 2022 and the rising popularity of ear design. This playful and chic trend allows us to embellish and personalize our style in a whole new way. So, where do we begin?

Personalize Your Style with Ear Design: Piercings and Jewelry

Ear Piercing Chart

Get the Perfect Ear Piercing with This Handy Earring Chart

Elevate your style game with our luxurious ear piercing studio. From simple studs to bold statement pieces, we have the perfect earring for every ear. Book your appointment today and let us help you take your look to the next level.

Now, if you’re new to this whole thing, let’s explore where to begin on your journey. First, let’s make it clear that there is no “wrong” way to do this. It’s all about having fun, edging up and piercing what calls out to you. It’s best to start simple, and work your way up one by one. Like tattoos, you can always come back for more.

When it comes to your decision, seek out inspiration on platforms like Pinterest and Instagram. If you search the specific earring placement, you will see thousands of photos to help you make your decision. The coolest part is that once your holes have healed, you can switch out your earrings all of the time to give you several completely different looks!

Currently, trending earrings include small, colorful studs, dainty chains, simple dangles, ear suspenders and ear cuffs.

Choosing your piercing jewelry

There are two different types of earring backs that piercing shops can use to embellish your ears. They are friction backs and threaded backs.

Friction backs are the more convenient option of the two. They include a post with a slight bend that slides into a hollow back. These earrings are easier to take on and off, but slightly less secure than a friction back.

Friction backs offer a greater degree of security because they screw on. It is nearly impossible for them to sip off of your ears. On the downside, they can be moderately difficult to get on and off. One thing to keep in mind is that friction backs are highly recommended for earrings made with precious gems.

Deciding what to Pierce

In the ever-evolving world of fashion, we are witnessing a captivating meshing of cultural styles. As international communication and travels continue to expand, the lines between traditional western fashion and exotic styles are becoming increasingly blurred. And nowhere is this more apparent than in the art of ear embellishment.

Gone are the days when unique piercings were reserved for edgy gothic western wearers. In this modern era, the ornate and intricate designs of the Middle East and tribal cultures have made their way into the mainstream. And in 2022, they have taken the fashion world by storm.

We see the most elegant of classes embracing this trend, adorning their ears with stunning, modern designs. From Beyoncé to other fashion icons, everyone is sporting ears that are fully decorated with intricate and glamorous pieces.

It's time to explore the beauty and allure of these exotic styles. Let's take a closer look at some of the most famous fashion influencers who have taken up the mantle of this exciting trend. Get ready to be inspired!

Piercing Aftercare

Aftercare is a critical part of the piercing process, and at Diamonds & Daggers, we want to ensure that our clients are well-informed and equipped with the necessary tools to take care of their piercings properly.

We recommend using Neil Med Saline Spray, a sterile and gentle solution that helps clean and moisturize the piercing area without causing irritation or discomfort.

To ensure maximum comfort during the healing process, we also offer a custom-made donut-shaped piercing pillow that helps reduce pressure on the piercing and allows for better circulation. This pillow is specifically designed for piercing aftercare and helps prevent accidental bumps and disruptions to the piercing.

Lastly, we suggest using Emu oil to aid in the healing process. Emu oil is a natural moisturizer that is known for its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. It can help reduce swelling and prevent infection, making it an excellent choice for piercing aftercare.

At Diamonds & Daggers, we want our clients to have the best piercing experience possible. By following our aftercare recommendations and using these high-quality products, our clients can feel confident in their piercing's safety and successful healing.

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