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Juicy Amethyst Silver Bangle [product_metal] - Nina Wynn Designs

Juicy Amethyst Silver Bangle

Nina Wynn

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Amethyst Gold 18k Ear Cuff [product_metal] - Nina Wynn Designs

Amethyst Gold 18k Ear Cuff

Nina Wynn

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Amethyst Necklace

Amethyst Necklace Styles

The amethyst stone, which comes in a varied array of purple color from the palest lavender to the deepest royal shades, makes for a stunning pendant necklace or other types of jewelry design. This popular gemstone can feel either chic and casual with a druzy quartz appearance, works well for round beads paired with 18 K gold or sterling silver spacers and clasp, or add to touch of elegant style with a gemstone and diamond accent motif.

The Beauty of Purple Natural Amethyst Gemstone

The amethyst gem has long been considered one of the most beautiful stones with the most vibrant purple color for a wide variety of jewelry options. It goes well with sterling silver, white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold as well as base metal options. It is the February birthstone color, so and amethyst pendant necklace, beads, or charm with a handmade chain would make an excellent gift for people born in that month.

You do not need the most expensive gem like a diamond to create a truly stunning piece of jewelry like a pendant necklace. Although a small diamond accent offsets the rich tone of an amethyst necklace well, it still has a bright and vibrant punch or styles like opal, lapis lazuli, geode, pearl, and other types of crystal gemstones.

Diverse Styles of an Amethyst Necklace

At Nina Wynn's online jewelry collection shop, the amethyst necklace comes in a variety of different designs perfect for women with discerning tastes. A simple white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, or sterling silver chain gets an added burst of style with a pretty amethyst crystal cut and designed by artisan experts. The combination of the pretty gemstone and diamond accents works well with all types of metal. You end up with an exquisite piece of jewelry you will be happy to show off as it brings you inner peace and a true sense of self-expression.

In yellow gold, the open link chains for the associated pendant necklace styles give a light and airy look that will match both business, casual, and elegant outfits. The sterling silver amethyst pendant necklace designs have a finer chain that almost appears to disappear into a mere hint of sparkle. The metal on these silver necklaces is so delicate the beautifully shaped amethyst crystal gemstone and diamond accent aims to float against your skin.

Why Nina Wynn Designs Amethyst Necklace? 

The variety of amethyst pendant necklaces offered here at Nina Wynn go well with the amethyst earrings found elsewhere on the site. If you are shopping for a special gift or the perfect accompaniment to your favorite outfit, consider matching jewelry options with diamond, moonstone, other gemstones in a variety of colors, and your favorite choice of silver or gold jewelry. You may even like to pair a gold or silver chain with chunkier beads for an eclectic and truly unique look.

If you have any trouble picking out your favorite gemstone pendant necklace, contact one of our jewelry store expert consultants. We are on hand to help you shop for the right chain and pendant, pick out something perfect for a gift, or answer questions about existing orders.