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Lobe Earrings

Styling the Lobe

Well, I guess we should talk about the infinite options of fun and flirty combinations when you pierce your upper lobe and have two lobe earring combinations to play with. Conventionally, when ear styling the lobe, the lower lobe, aka first hole, usually sports the biggest earrings.

We’re here to say that this is not a rule set in stone and that you can look SO cool if you play around with these roles reversed. Take our “wild side” climbers for example. This earring is unbelievably cute and on the bigger side. So, as tradition would have it, most would gravitate towards placing it in their first hole. 

While this is an amazing look on its own, when worn in the upper lobe, it can look even cooler. Think of the wild side climber turned so it wraps around a small circular or floral stud. Yes. yes. Yes. Explore all of the things when you add multiple lobe piercings. Not only is it timeless and adorable, but it also heals in record time!

The lobe is perfect for starters or those with simple style ready to tackle the flirty side of life.