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Septum Rings

Styling the Septum 

So, you may have found a lack of tasteful septum rings out there, but look no further. When designed with elegance and class, this piercing transfers goddess energy onto all who pass. 

At Diamonds & Daggers, we adore this bold and daring spot, but wanted it to feel something other than edgy. We’re women who love rough and daring adventures, but close with a fancy cocktail at the end of the day. Are you catching my vibe? 

Because of this, our septum rings are designed for the daredevil in all of us, but with a twist.They tell the story that we can be strong, bold and proud, while also being deeply in touch. We’re here to blend the two.

Our vision was to place fine gemstones in beautiful gold settings and bring your look to life. The shapes are ornate, playful, edgy and fierce. We went big on these septum rings because heck, if you’re going to invest a piece, it might as well go in the first place people see.

Cheers to you, my lovers with their septums pierced. May your vibe stay bright and your septum rings stay shining. Explore with colors like green emerald or purple amethyst, blue sapphire or white diamond. Allow the septum piercing to be more than a ring, but instead the first chapter of the beautiful story of your life.