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Teardrop earrings

Teardrop Earrings  

We love the subtle symbolism of teardrop earrings—the teardrop is a big deal in tattoo art, and it’s also abundant in jewelry design, evoking actual tears, but also suggesting the shape of a pear, the luscious fruit that’s also a symbol of sweetness, inner peace, and affection.

Collaboration teardrop shape in our jewelry. 

Teardrop earrings make for a unique purchase; for example, teardrop-shaped gemstones, a Diamonds & Daggers signature, are less expected than round gemstones, which are more traditional. Our gold and silver jewelry items embrace the teardrop shape in a number of ways, including petal-inspired, simple stud teardrop earrings and ring options that surround the teardrop stone in gold or silver bezels. We also have stackable open cuff bracelets in silver or gold that are finished with bezel-set, teardrop gemstone end caps.

Mix & Match teardrop earrings

Our wildly popular signature mix-and-match earring charms are designed with elongated teardrop-shaped gems with diamond bails that are designed to dangle from any of our many gold or silver hoop options—with these dangle teardrop earrings we like to invert the shape so that the teardrop’s tip points down instead of up. It makes the look a little less sweet and a lot more fun and fashionable.
We also have our best-selling Angel Wing earring charms made of gold, sterling silver, or blackened silver, which we hand-engraved to give the teardrop, wing-like silhouettes a feathered texture, and delicately sprinkle them with an array of gemstones, from diamonds to moonstones and tourmalines.

Get your teardrop earrings with Diamonds & Daggers

When you purchase teardrop earrings or other teardrop jewelry from our collection as a gift for someone, it’s a deeply meaningful item: Teardrops are imbued with emotion, something shed on joyous occasions (not just sad ones!), making teardrop jewelry just the thing to purchase when there’s something wonderful to celebrate like a birthday or anniversary, or perhaps the birth of a child.

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