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Visit our Denver Piercing Studio

We take safety and comfort seriously. Our studio is equipped with professional equipment for sanitation and surgical grade sterilization. We are experienced and we follow industry standards and guidelines established by the APP (Association of Professional Piercers).

We offer needle piercing so you will heal with fewer complications than with gun piercing.

Visit us for the relaxed and casual, luxury experience you've been seeking. Our piercing ear-bar in our fine jewelry showroom offers playful designs made with solid 18k gold, and implant grade Titanium. There are many designs for you to choose from and many ways to curate your look.

What kind of piercing service do you offer?

Just ears for now. We will be expanding in the future, but just ears for now.

What are your piercing service prices?

On average each piercing service is around $50. Lobes are $35, Daiths $75, most cartilage piercings are $45.

Do you pierce with needle or gun?

Needles. Definitely needles. Needles pierce and part the tissue gently. Guns damage tissue through high speed impact. Gun piercings sometimes never heal.

What type of jewelry do you offer? 

Threadless, flat back Labret, seamrings, clickers, hoops, huggies, charms. Around 700+ designs to choose from.  

Is your jewelry safe to pierce with? 

We use the industry’s top standards to make jewelry with implant grade titantium Labrets, surgical stainless steel pushpins on nickel free, hypoallergenic 18 karat gold.

Do you pierce minors?

Not at the moment, but check back.

What is the typical healing time?

Lobes typically take 8-12 weeks. Cartilage typically takes 6-9 months.

What is Down-Sizing and why is it necessary?

As your body heals it tries to fill in the hole. The hole is pierced slightly larger to accommodate this healing process. Once the healing process is well under way, we need to make the jewelry fit the new healed smaller hole. This method results in the best possible outcome.

What is the recommended time frame to downsize?

This varies considerably from individual to individual. Typically 4-6 weeks for a lobe. 6-12 weeks for cartilage. Check your aftercare guide for details

Can I bring in jewelry for you to pierce with?

The safety of our staff & clientele are paramount. We stock only the highest quality products made of the best materials. Without extensive X-ray testing we cannot offer the guarantees we do with jewelry that we didn’t make from scratch. Therefore, we will not be able to use jewelry from other sources. We are happy to custom make anything you need so come on in and let us work with you on your dream earscape.

What are some of the piercing earring types?

There are many variations of piercing posts and/or backs. Here is a brief summary…

First up is the Traditional friction back, aka. the Butterfly-post. Found on most traditional earrings. It is generally not comfortable as it pulls, yanks and gets caught on everything from bed sheets to hair. We do not recommend it.

Next is the Threaded post. Great for body jewelry like-belly button piercings, nipple piercings and other parts. Common on stainless steel or titanium jewelry. Due to the softness of gold, the threads will stripo and you will lose your jewelry. Threaded jewelry must be checked every 2-3 days to ensure they aren’t loose. Inevitably one forgets and expensive gemstones go missing.

Saving the best for last. A threadless stainless steel, pushpin is soldered onto the jewelry back and inserted inside a smooth threadless titanium Labret. A high degree of friction keeps it in place. We strongly recommended this option. It will stay in place but can be removed if necessary. Once healed, the flatback labret is comfortable and the friction will keep the jewelry from loosening and falling out.

Seam Rings are opened and closed manually. It is preferable to have your piercer perform this but not absolutely necessary.

Clickers are akin to a hinged hoop earring and are are easily removed or secured onto the ear.


DENVER, CO 80211